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How to Marbleize Paper to Create Your Own Designs

How to marbleize paper to create your own opulent designs for use as crafts and greeting cards.

How to Make Paper Roses

How to make paper roses with instructions for making a cabbage rose corsage and a paper posy choker.


Arranging coiled strips of paper into patterns with instructions for making a Millefiori Butterfly Brooch.

Rolled Paper Beads

The history of rolled paper beads and instructions for the rolling technique of making paper beads for jewelry.

Papier-Mâché Crafting

Papier-mâché crafting explained. The fundamentals to make papier-mâché pulp, papier-mâché pastes, objects, and simple instructions for making a papier-mâché bowl.

Metallic Paper Beads

Simple instructions for making metallic paper beads by forming paper pulp into interesting painted shapes.

Mask Making

Mask making is an entertaining project for both children and adults, and it makes a great group project. Mask making instructions are provided.

Make Paper Maps Look Antique

A method for making maps look antique using tea and a household spray bottle.


easy paper projects for children and toddlers

How To Make The Best Christmas And Easter Greeting Cards

Step by step instructions how to make the best Christmas and Easter greeting cards.

How To Make an Origami Mobile

An origami mobile is a simple but inspired addition to any child's room. It adds color and whimsy, and teaches children to take pride in their handiwork.

How To Craft Minecraft Style Using Cardboard

Instructions on how to make your own cardboard armor, crafting table and a few tools to play Minecraft in the 'real' world.

How To Build A Castle With Cardboard Boxes

A trip to the store for a few cardboard boxes and other odds and ends will have you set and ready to make your child their very own dream castle, or whichever other form of abode he or she would like.

How To Make an Amazing Cardboard Maze

For children and parents who love a challenge, this article has been created to serve as a step by step guide on how to make your own Amazing Maze.

4 Easy Art Projects For Toddlers

4 fun and easy art projects for toddlers including watercolor painting with various materials, finger painting, wet chalk drawing, and an eco-friendly leaf art project.

Paper Mosaic Animals for Children

Making paper mosaic animals is a fun cut and paste exercise for children. These simple instructions show you how to make paper mosaic animals while providing ideas for using a variety of materials.

Make Secret Messages with Invisible Ink

Two methods for making secret messages with invisible ink are explained here.

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