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How to Create a Fun Flower-Pot out of a Plastic Cup

by Hollie Strack

Fun flower-pots created with plastic cups

This project is great for when you want to do a simple, fun, and relatively quick arts and crafts project (with or without children). Flower pots bought commercially can often be expensive, and are more often than not glass, which means they can break if tipped over or dropped. I have found a great solution that is both cheap and non-breakable. They work very well for seedlings and window-sill gardens as they are small and can be kept in a relatively small space.

Materials to make a fun flower-pot out of a plastic cup

Materials to Make a Flower-Pot Out of a Plastic Cup

How to Make a Flower-Pot, Step-By-Step

1. Put down newspaper, this might get messy!

2. Use the X-Acto knife to put 3-5 holes in the bottom of the cup, make sure to remove as much of the plastic from the holes as possible. (You could also use a Dremel® for this if you have one available.)

Holes in the bottom of the plastic cup

3. Depending on whether you are using paint or material you will either want to paint the outside of the cup or apply decoupage and material. Only do this down to where the cup becomes smooth again (you can use masking tape to cover this section to keep things tidy). Once the glue (or paint) dries you can move onto the next step.

A painted plastic cup

4. Begin adding stickers, glitter, rhinestones, or other decorations as you see fit. You can also paint an image onto the cup with acrylic paint.

Decorations on the fun flower-pots: stickers, glitter, and rhinestones

5. Tape off the entire bottom of the cup. In a well ventilated area, place cup upside down, spray the outside of the cup with the Acrylic sealer. (Do not get sealer inside the cup or on the upper lip, it could kill your plant!)

6. Once the cup is dry fill with potting soil or seed starter mix. Then you can either place seeds or a live plant into the cup! It is a good idea to place a small tray or plate under the cup when watering to avoid spillage.

This project is easy, cheap to make, and doesn’t take too long. It would be great to do with the kids on a day off from school or on the weekend. Get your toddler in on the action by giving them non-toxic finger-paint to decorate their cup. You could use these for a variety of things such as gifts, a small indoor herb garden, or a place for cat-nip so your cat stays out of your other house plants. Flower-pots can be decorated any number of ways (small sea-shells or dried flowers pressed between rice paper). So, be creative, try new things and have fun!

Good Luck & Happy Crafting!

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