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Micro-Macramé: How to Create a Spiral Knot

by Hollie Strack


Create a Spiral Knot

When you look at hand-made jewelry you might often wonder how in the world someone created it. This is especially true with micro-macramé jewelry because it is just a series of knots. Spiral knots look like they would be difficult to create but they are actually very simple. It is probably one of the most simple of all the knots in jewelry making of this type.

Materials Needed:

Materials for making a spiral knot

Browse Hemp Cord

How to Create a spiral Knot

Step One

Measure and cut the two pieces of hemp cord, remember it should be at least 4 times the length of the finished project, but no more than 5 times. The size of beads and type of knotting will depend on exactly how much you need.

Step Two

Line the two pieces of hemp cord up end to end then fold them in half.

Step Three

Create an Overhand knot; make sure the loop size is consistent with your finishing bead. Attach the cords to your knotting/clip board by the loop or knot.

An overhand knot

Step Four

Separate your holding cords from your knotting cords. Clip your holding cords to the bottom of your knotting/clip board

holding cords separated from knotting cords

Step Five

Cross the left knotting cord over your holding cords

left knotting cord over holding cords

Step Six

Pass the right knotting cord over top of the left knotting cord, under the holding cords, then through the loop between the left knotting cord and holding cords.

right knotting cord over top of the left knotting cord, under the holding cords, then through the loop between the left knotting cord

Step Seven

Pull the knot tight. Repeat steps 4 through seven until you have achieved the length you want.

Repeat steps to create more knots

Congratulations, you have completed your first spiral knot. If you are adding beads, make sure you count how many knots you tie so you can space them evenly. This is especially true with spiral knots. Feel free to add beads or alternate with different knots in your jewelry to give it some variation. Seeing new patterns and ideas is always exciting for those who are interested in making jewelry using micro-macramé techniques. For those who want to learn how to do this but don’t have the funds to buy in bulk, check on website such as EBay. Also, if you look in the craft section in Wal-mart near the kids’ projects you can find DIY kits for approximately $10. They often include enough hemp and beads to make at least 2 or 3 necklaces/bracelets.

Good Luck & Happy Crafting!

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