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Hemp Jewelry, How to Create an Overhand & a Square Knot

by Hollie Strack


Creating an Overhand Knot

Creating an Overhand Knot

1. Fold your cord(s) in half.

2. loop the folded cord over itself, you want to make sure there is a hole in the center for the hemp to pass through

3. Pass the top of the looped cord through the hole (make sure both piece of cord go through through the hole)

4. Pull the knot tight. Make sure the knot is fitted to your finishing bead or knot.

How to Create a Square Knot

How to Create a Square Knot

When creating square knots it is important to note that a square knot is actually comprised of two knots.

1. Clip anchor cords to the bottom of your clipboard to hold them in place

2. Pass the left knotting cord over the anchor cords

3. Pass the right knotting cord over the left knotting cord and under the anchor cords

4. Pass the right knotting cord through the space between the left knotting cord and the anchor cords.

5. Pull tight

6. Repeat steps but begin with the right knotting cord.

Then your square knot is complete. To make a bracelet out of square knots, just keep repeating this pattern.

**Note** If you find that your project is beginning to twist you have most likely forgotten to alternate and work from the opposite side. Untie your knots to where the project began to twist and begin again.

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